There IS life during Menopause!

There is life during menopause. In the midst of sporadic crying, uncontrollable screaming, or sweating like a momma combating intense labor pains, it is good to know that there is a sparkling spring at the end of the murky water.

Each day begins with a freshness never before experienced. Lamentations 3:23 offers that sweet, affirming promise that God’s mercies are new everyday.” God does not carry the mistakes of today into the newness of tomorrow. Great is His faithfulness!

Join me as we struggle, cry, sweat, and hopefully, in God’s strength, regain control of our lives. With a determination on our part and a whole lot of help on the Holy Spirit’s part, this can be the best time of your life. It is my prayer that through blood (Jesus’ of course), sweat (ours, of course), and tears (ours and probably everyone else’s) we can make it to the other side of menopause, that is, and step into a bigger, better, more abundant life.

With help from women in Scripture, significant women from the past and present, my own personal experiences, and the agonizing tales of friends and acquaintances, it is my hope that you come to a comforting realization that: You Are Not Alone! A massive army of women fight this battle every day. As you persevere through each battle and ultimately win the war, it will be your turn to share the vast wisdom you have accumulated to the next generation of poor, anxious (and I mean really anxious) souls just starting the climb. Here’s to a merry menopause! God Bless.

(Taken from Introduction in soon-to-be released For Sanity Sake.)




Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, and Welcome to my blog. My name is Lisa Arnold and I am here for you! This site is for women and about women and the many struggles and challenges life shoots our way. Our talks will take us in many directions, but my focus is going to be mainly on two central areas: Menopausal women and their struggles, as well as life beyond menopause, and Women, worship and contentment.


Before I continue, I am happy to announce my soon-to-be published book “For Sanity’s Sake: 365 Devotions for the Menopausal Woman.” I am excited about this book and its potential to help so many struggling women.


“For Sanity’s Sake” is daily sustenance for the struggling menopausal woman, striving to remain godly and in control one day at a time. It confronts issues of menopause with humor, clarity and unwavering Christian faith. These devotions encourage women to live life to the fullest, develop new interests and serve God with more gusto than ever before. Their purpose is to help women come to the realization that that do not walk this journey alone—and the best years of their lives are yet to come.


Look for this book to be out September or October (I will update when I know exact date).


I do not want to walk this blogger’s road alone. I welcome your input and questions. I plan to add new material four to five days a week. If you would like to add an article or some material, please contact me and submit the article for my preview.


As a Pastor’s wife, mother of 3 biological children, 3 adopted children, and 2 step-children, as well as, many foster children, I keep very busy. I also homeschool my adopted children as well as my thirteen-year-old grandson. My grown children were homeschooled as well. Because of this I may on occasion write about homeschooling, adoption, and foster care.


My greatest desire for this site is to help women as they struggle in their daily lives. Maybe along the way, you can help me as well. After all, we are in this together.


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