My Next Fifty Years

My Next Fifty Years

            I remember when I thought fifty was ancient. Not only was everyone over the hill, but I was positive their usefulness in life was limited. Now, on the other side of fifty, I realize my foolishness.

            Don’t get me wrong, things are different, much different than before. Sickness lingers a little longer and bones creak a little louder. I dye my hair more often and exercise fiercely on a regular basis, desperately clinging to my waning youth.

            Other things have changed as well. My “babies” are grown and have babies of their own. My youngest biological daughter (I have 2 adopted), has been alive for more than a quarter of a century. Her wedding was the clincher for me. Yes, I am getting old and there is nothing I can do about it.

            She was a beautiful bride. I remember through the years how she tormented me with her untraditional ideas. She wanted to wear black at her wedding. I threw a fit and warned her I wouldn’t come. I know things are changing, but that was just too much. Fortunately, her sensitive spirit took pity on me and she wore silver instead. Her hopes and dreams for life were just beginning.

My daughter in her silver dress walking down the aisle with her “daddy.”

            Not so for me, some aspects of my life seem to be winding down and fading out. Many things about my life are uncertain. The future is unpredictable and scary at times.

The children are grown and moving away, even the grandchildren who worshipped the ground I walked on are turning into teens and have new friends and less time. Mortality slaps me in the face as I witness my husband struggling to stay healthy in his tired, uncooperative body.

            Yes, life is changing and I can do nothing about it.  It is not better or worse than before, just different. It is the path every person must eventually travel.  If I am not careful, these things will make me sad and nostalgic for the yesteryears, but I refuse to give in to depression.

            Instead, I choose to live! I will not go down without a fight. I plan to live my next fifty years (which is possible because two grandmothers lived to over 100), making a difference, serving God, loving outside the box, and accomplishing more than ever before. These are exciting times and I don’t plan on wasting a second. What about you? How are you going to make a difference in your next fifty years?



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