I Wonder . . .

I wonder . . .

I wonder

I wonder if others feel the same way I do

Ask the same questions I ask

Say the same things I say

Act the same way I act

Hide the things I hide

I wonder . . .

Does grief ever go away?

Will I ever want it to?

If others experience anxiety

Like I do as the day you died

Falls further into the past?

I wonder . . .

Do you think about us

Now that you’re in heaven?

Or are the scenes too great

And Christ’s presence too magnanimous

To think of anything but Him?

I wonder . . .

I don’t even know what I wonder


I don’t know what I think

How to act

or feel

I wonder . . . .

Does anyone see I am different

Since you’ve been gone?

Do they see who I am on the inside

And know my outside is a façade

Engineered for survival’s sake?

I wonder . . .

Too much I wonder

Yet I don’t know what I wonder

And I can’t express it

Or explain it

I just wonder . . .